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Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Continuing Saga...

Recording blog? Really? What were we thinking?

Amazing as it may seem, we're still working on the record. Not that we've been laboring every day for over a year on this thing. We've been going in spurts. And it's been a lot longer between spurts than we had anticipated. It's our own fault really, but to make everybody feel better we'll blame it on the bloated price of oil. Or the new iPods.

In reality there was some gear shopping. There was some learning curve. There were a couple of gigs. Oh and let's not forget general laziness.

So where do we stand? The drums and bass are done. Been done for a while now. Over a year in fact. We've completed about 97% of the guitars and keyboards. All that's left is some colorful sprinkels here and there. We've even done some horns on a few tunes. Now we've gotta finish up them horns and possibly add some strings.

That should take... oh... a few more months....

Invention of this caliber takes a while.




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