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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Recording Begins

First day in the studio. Exciting. This is it. Are we ready? Are the songs done? Do we really want to go to the chorus here? Which part is the chorus again? How do you play this thing? What are all these strings for?

Lots of time setting up today. Lots of time putting mics on drums and getting great drum sounds. God bless Stuart Sikes.

This is what drums sound like

A couple of technical snafu's which we recovered from with the aid a quick run to Fry's to purchase a hard-drive. Approximately 4 songs were cut between the hours of 4 PM and midnight.

Great start.

A side note: There is a Chinese Proverb which states "If you wish to succeed, consult three people first." Great advice. Unfortunately we could only find two folks to consult, but we found the two people on the planet that are the best at what they do. Our fine, feathered new drummer, Jim White and the amazing and quite tall Stuart Sikes and His Amazing Powers of Concentration.

Jim White and Stuart Sikes. Next time you see them buy them a beer.




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