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Friday, August 22, 2008

Korean of the Year

We've reached the zenith of our careers. As fate would have it, a track from our first CD, A Penny for Your Brain, was used in an episode of the Margaret Cho Show. And it double-turns-out that this particular episode (Korean of the Year) is available for FREE on the ol' iTunes music store this week. So go download it if ya wanna.

Or we could just sum up our particular 8 seconds of... fame. To wit: In voiceover, Cho is introducing her makeup team or "Glam Squad", a group of flamboyantly dressed gentlemen who are shown piling out of a limo, cavorting up to Cho's house, mashing on the doorbell and playfully yelling things like "We're homos!!"

So as you can see it's a perfect fit.

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